LED Stage Lights

750W Moving Head Spark Fountain

750W moving head spark fountain can control the any angle, time, height, volume...

  • 750W moving head spark fountain Video Below
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Cold Spark Flower Sparkular Fall 450W

Cold Spark Flower Sparkular Fall 450W Waterfall...

  • SPARKFALL FLOWER450W Video Below
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Adobe Spark Fall Machine 500W

Waterfall fireworks effects spark fall machine 500W...

  • S2U-SPARKFALL-MACHINE-500W Video Below
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Cold Spark Machine 500W Fireworks

Special effects cold flame fireworks spark fireworks machine 500W...

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Spark Machine 450W Firework Machine

spark firework machine 450W spark fountain non-pyrotechnic machine ...

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Sparkle Spark Fog Machine Disinfectant

0m~5.5m height sparkle Spark Fog Machine 800W Double spraying Fog and Firework ...

  • S2U-SPARKLE-FOG-800W Video Below
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SUNUV LED Strobe Light

12+4 independent strobe segment control, 752x0.5W RGBW (R144/3 rings, G168/3 rings, B192/3 rings, W248/4 rings) or full white LEDs...

  • S2U-S752B
  • 752x0.5W LED Strobe Par Light
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LED Zoom Light

Control Mode: DMX 512, Sound, Auto, Master/Slave, 3 pin XLR connector in and out...

S2U-5030Z Video:
  • LED Zoom Par 30
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SUNUV DJ Disco Light

DMX512, Sound, Auto, Master/Slave, 0-100% Strobe/shutter, 0-100% Dimmer ...

  • S2U-S336
  • 336x0.5W LED Strobe Light
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Mini LED Spot Moving Head Light

DMX 512, Pan: 450° Y: 270°, Processing system inside control 2 micro-step electrical machines to control Pan and Tilt ...

  • S2U-B4016
  • 16x12W Quad Led Wash Moving Head
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Uking Moving Head

DMX 512, Special features: new seven-color beam light, flowering, a variety of macro fantasy effects ...

  • 24x12W Cree LED Colorful Beam Moving Head
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Zoom Light Moving Head

DMX 512, moving Head Wash with a wide zoom range and variable beam angle ...

S2U-B4024Z Video:
  • 24x12W Quad Cree LED Wash Moving Head Zoom
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