UV Sterilizer Bag

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UV LED UVC Sterilizer Bag...

  • UV LED UVC Sterilizer Bag Video Below:
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UV LED UV Sterilizer Bag

This manual contains important information. Please read before operating fixture.


  • Material: PU leather (waterproof)

  • Rated input: 12V-2A, 8W

  • Beads: 24PCS LED deep UV lamp

  • Ultraviolet carrier length: 260-280mm

  • Sterilization efficiency: 99%

  • Power supply interface: USB (Micro) or Type C

  • Battery Capacity: : 2500mAh

  • Size: 27*21*16CM

  • Product weight: N.W 620g

  • Color: Light green / Custom color

  • Lifetime: >10000 hours, 2 years warranty

  • Package includes: 1*Disinfection Bag, 1*Manual, 1*Bracket, 1*Adapter


  • EASY TO USE: Featuring a one-touch operation and automatic shut-off. 3 minute one-click disinfection, sterilization rate is 99.9%. Blu-ray shows that the UV sterilization is functioning. No water or chemicals needed.

  • NO RADIATION, NO OZONE, NO CHEMICAL: 24 LED lamp beads, 6-sided UV light reflecting film, 360-degree dead angle sterilization. Longer service time, more safty and more efficient than mercury lamp.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Improve your health by Strong UV sterilizer bag. perfect for travel, useful for anything! Suitable for hose and water chamber, also use to disinfect your Underwear, Jewelry, Beauty Tools, Toothbrush, toys etc.

  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Space saving and portable for traveling usage. Rest assured material, waterproof and oil resistant, protect clothing from secondary pollution.

  • PERFECT SERVICE: Any questions, please contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours


WARNING!!! To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, follow these important safety instructions:

  • UV rays can cause skin and eyes. Please take care. Persistent direct impact on the body.

  • It should be noted that the inside of the precious calligraphy is used to prevent the calligraphy from discoloring UV rays for a long time.

  • Ozone UV lamp, in addition to the removal of formaldehyde peculiar smell, the bactericidal no blind spots, more thorough to kill tiny acne.

  • With an organic UV cell killing effect. Stop yourself with pets and plants.

UVC Sterilizer Bag Video:

Specially designed UVC sterilizer bag to ease the insufficient supply of masks situation. Masks can be reused by sterilization.
THE PIONEER OF LED STERILIZATION – Self-developed chip third generation 10000 hours long-lasting LED UV light beads.
NO RADIATION, NO OZONE, NO CHEMICAL – Powered by 24 x UVC LED, disinfects and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed.
PROTECTION & SAFETY DESIGN – Zip up the bag, click the button, and clearly see the purple light trough transparent area in sterilizing mode, no light leak out.
COMPACT & EASY TO USE – UVC sterilization bag is compact and lightweight. It is convenience to disinfect whenever and wherever needed.

UVC sterilizer bag flow

UVC sterilizer bag steps

UVC sterilizer bag help Wuhan application

UVC sterilizer bag help doctor application

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