LED 9PCS RGBW 4 in 1 Moving Spider Beam Light

  • LED Moving Spider Beam Light Effect

International universal control signal: DMX, master slave, sound active, auto mode, RGBW 4in1 color mixing...

  • S2U-A4009
  • LED 9PCS RGBW 4 in 1 Moving Spider Beam Light
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LED 9PCS RGBW 4 in 1 Moving Spider Beam Light

This manual contains important information. Please read before operating fixture.


  • Voltage: AC 100-240v, 50/60Hz

  • Power consumption: 140W

  • Dimension: 458x429x208mm

  • N.W.: 10.6kg G.W.: 12kg


  • Lighting Source: 9 pcs×12W Cree LED

  • Color: RGBW 4in1 color mixing

  • Control: DMX, master slave, sound active, auto mode

  • Dimmer: 0-100% electronic dimming, include exciting sound active built-in program, LED pulse & strobe effect

  • Display:LCD display

  • Channel: 12/43CHs

  • Pan:0-360 degree

  • Tilt :0-180 degree

  • Beam Angle: 5 degree


WARNING!!! To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, follow these important safety instructions:

  • Non-professionals are not to disassemble the moving head LED unit and lighting accessories inside

  • Rated voltage range: AC110V-120V/60Hz or AC200V-240V / 50HZ (to be selected).

  • The unit should not be placed near flammable materials and should maintain at least 1M distances from its projection area

  • The moving head should only be used in ambient temperature: -15c > 40c, the highest temperature of the surface of the lamp: 60c

  • To keep away from the liquid substance and humid environment

  • Before using the moving head please ensure a good earth is fitted

  • The installation of the moving heads, you must check fixing screw fasteners with additional security cable and a regular inspection done

  • LED consecutive working hours is not recommended for more than 10 hours per time

  • Moving head should not be used in time when unusual conditions are in play

  • Moving head should be regular inspected of the rotation, external accessories and paste parts, in a timely manner to prevent accident or damage to the unit or persons

  • Moving head fans should be checked weekly as it is easy to accumulate the dust, so weekly cleaning of especially the cooling air opening and fans, otherwise unit my over heat and cause damage

LED Moving Spider Beam Light Effect

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