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Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp

This manual contains important information. Please read before operating fixture.


  • Rated Voltage: AC100~240V 50/60 Hz

  • Rated Power: output:5.0V 1A

  • Color: White transparent

  • Disinfection Modes: UV + Ozone / UV

  • Radiation:>3000uw/cm²

  • UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)

  • Sterilization efficiency: 99%

  • Waterproof: IP66 

  • Product weight:   

  • Size:

  • Lifetime: >10000 hours, 2 years warranty


  • UV Sterilizer light help to clean the water and kill the bacteria, can make the tank a more pleasant for fish.

  • This lamp adopts high borosilicate glass, which is clear and sturdy, resistant to high heat, durable for long time use.

  • Can decrease the mount of pelagic algae which makes the water look very clear.

  • With a built-in cable that had waterproof processing to prevent electric leakage, more safe to use.

  • PERFECT SERVICE: We will serve you wholeheartedly, any questions, please reply to you within 24 hours.


WARNING!!! To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, follow these important safety instructions:

  • This product is destroyed by ultraviolet rays and destroys the DNA of microorganisms to purify water.

  • It is suitable for daily maintenance work or aquarium use in the home bath, providing intimate protection for the fish tank.

  • The core explosion-proof glass material is made of quartz glass tube, and the ultraviolet projection prevents leakage, leakage and safety.

  • The diameter of the lamp is only 2.3CM, the length of 20-26CM saves a lot of space, and the size filter tank is suitable.


Only 2 hours a day energy saving, no interference throughout the year, The filter technology utilizes UV lights that kill and remove any harmful bacteria or unwanted green hair algae, keeping water clear.
Multi-layer sealing ring design, waterproof and more assured, can be used for diving.

How Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp Working

How TheAquarium UV Germicidal Lights Works

Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp Light Placement Reference

Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp Light Placement Reference

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