250W Philips LED Floodlight

  • 250W Philips LED Floodlight Dimensional Drawing Packing
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  • LED Flood Light Chip
  • LED Flood Light Side
  • LED Flood Light Back Base
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120pcs Philps chips 250W super led flood light repleace 800W HPSL (High Pressure Sodium Lamp) flood lights...

Philips led floodlight introdcution video:
  • 250W Philips LED Floodlight
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250W Philips LED Floodlight

This manual contains important information. Please read before operating fixture.


  • Light Source: Philips Lumileds / Osram/ LG

  • Voltage(v): 90-305

  • LED Power(W): 250

  • System Power(W): 280

  • Luminous Flux: 25000lm

  • Beam Angle(°): 15×15/30×30/60×60/60×135/85×135

  • Color Temp.: 4000K-7000K

  • Typical CRI: 70

  • Lamp Life(hrs): 50000

  • Operating Temp.(°C): -40 to +45

  • IP-protection: IP65

  • Products Size (mm): 570x375x95mm(L*W*H)

  • Net Weight (Kg): 9.5KG/pcs

  • Carton Size(cm): 64.5*46*18cm(L*W*H); GW: 11Kg/Carton; QTY/Carton: 1Set/Carton

  • 20ft container: Max 585pcs; 35ft container: Max 1040pcs; 40ft container: Max 1200pcs


  • Available in various optical beam profiles, including 15 °to 60 °round, 65 °x135 °symmetric rectangular, and 85 °x135 °asymmetric rectangular

  • Proprietary thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature

  • Ultra high power to give ultra high brightness with extremely light weight for safety use and installation

  • Easy installation and maintenance, longer lifetime with high lumen maintenance

  • Energy savings, no UV and IR radiation, emits low heat and wide range of applications


How to choose the Right Led Lights for your projects?

  • We can make it easy for you! You just only provide us the area size, the lights to-be-installed position and your target Lumen for the project, then our engineer can make the best solution for

    your lighting projects by DIALUX/AGI32 software

  • Please see a successful project case from our customer which our company provided the perfect solution

  • More info click here or the below photo


Introduction of light beam angles feature

How to choose the right light beam angles for your projects?

  • The smaller light angle is, the farther irradiation distance is (same power)

  • The bigger light angle is, the wider illumination area is (if same power & height)

  • The bigger light angle is, the darker illumination of area ground is (if same power & height)

  • Please see the distribution&feature of our led flood light series as below photos

Beam angles diagrammatic drawing of Philips led flood light


400w-Philips-light flood lamp-bridge-near-view

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