Nasty germs don’t just live in public spaces. In fact, you’re more likely to get a sore throat from your keyboard, smartphone, or TV remote control than you are by visiting a public washroom.

This Portable Handheld UV Sanitizer is a germicidal sanitary device that uses UV-C light to eliminate the threat of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and allergy-inducing microorganisms found on the items closest to you.
Handheld LED Portable UV Light SanitizerHow UV lamp sanitizer light worksHandheld LED UV Light Sanitizer Comparison

It is your portable line of defense against sickness.

Unlike disinfectant cleaning wipes, it is safe for use on everything from your eyeglasses and electronics to your cutting board and cutlery.

The compact design makes it easy to store in your purse, backpack, jacket pocket, or carry-on luggage.

No matter where you go, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing you’re always ready to sanitize.

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