SUNVUV's Comprehensive Product Range

Our Advantage - Features & Benefits


  • Incorporate more than 10 years of LED experience into our designs.

  • Application of proprietary designs and technologies to increase efficiencies.

  • We are the actual manufacturer, not an OEM private label importer.

  • Do not contain mercury unlike spiral CFL and linear fluorescent bulbs.

Our Advantage


SUNVUV's Featured Products

Portable Disinfection Atomizer

Portable Disinfection Atomizer...

  • Portable Disinfection Atomizer Video Below
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Smart UVC Sterilization Lamp

Smart Sensor UVC Sterilization Lamp...

  • Smart UVC Sterilization Lamp Video Below
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Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp

Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp...

  • Aquarium UV Germicidal Lamp Video Below:
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UV Light Disinfection

UV Light Disinfection... Buy UV Light Disinfection

  • UV Light Disinfection Video Below:
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UV Sanitizer Disinfect Light

UV Sanitizer Disinfect Light...

  • UV Sanitizer Disinfect Light Video Below
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60W UV Germicidal Ozone lamp

60W UV Germicidal Ozone lamp...

  • 60W UV Germicidal Ozone lamp Video Below:
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UVC Sterilizer Bag

UV LED UVC Sterilizer Bag...

  • UV LED UVC Sterilizer Bag Video Below:
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Handheld LED UV Light Sanitizer

LED deep UV lamp beads UVC Handheld LED UV Light Sanitizer...

  • Handheld LED UV Light Sanitizer Video Below
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SUNVUV has a range of residential and commercial lighting products to suit your needs. SUNVUV takes care of the entire upgrade process helping you select the right light for your home or business, right through to the installation.

  1. Flexible and Affordable Products

    Prices of the SUNVUV’s Products have come down to an affordable level where it can make sense to most people to make the switch. We offer a variety of consumer and contract based LED lighting to meet the needs of our customers.

  2. Uses 80% Less Energy

    The SUNVUV’s Product consumes 80-85% less energy than incandescent lighting. Widespread use of LED lighting has a potential impact on energy savings of home users and industries or business houses.

  3. Long Lasting, Over 50,000 Hours

    Most of The SUNVUV’s Products are engineered and tested to last 50,000 hours based on normal usage. When operated 3 hours a day they can last up to 22 years, and leading to a reduction in maintenance costs.

  4. Mercury Free

    Mercury (quicksilver) can cause serious threats to human and pet health and contaminate the environment. SUNVUV’s Products do not contain mercury unlike spiral CFL and linear fluorescent bulbs.

  5. Longest Warranty

    SUNVUV’s Products come with warranties from 1 to 5 years, depending on the product. In the unlikely event of failure, the aftercare team will co-ordinate a replacement product in timely manner. It’s all part of the service.


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